Dialogue: Assassination #10 (1971-09-02)

Mae Brussell Archive Show Notes

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Dialogue: Assassination #10 (1971-09-02) Show Notes

Main Subject(s): JFK assassination, Warren Commission.

Updated 5/8/15 - Updated links to some articles.

– Mae talks about taking a two week vacation and just how much work goes into following the news everyday. She mentions the backlog of material she has which takes over a month to go through. She mentions Computers And Automation Journal (check it out here). She talks about a few articles in the back issues of this magazine, topics include: the JFK assassination, the lawsuit of Theodore Charach against the Los Angeles Police Departmant (LAPD), Edward M. Davis (former LAPD police chief), Evelle J. Younger (former California Attorney General), and Robert Houghton (former LAPD Chief of Detectives) for covering up the RFK assassination, how many coincidences make a plot in a political assassination, and the Jim Garrison investigation of Clay Shaw.

– Mae talks about receiving 1,900 pages of material from the National Archives from David Lifton. She talks about her theory that Lee and Marina Oswald were agents of the U.S. in some capacity. She reads some of the new material from the National Archives, including the working memos of the Warren Commission lawyers (mention of J. Lee Rankin and Arlen Spectre). She notes that the commission lawyers made comments on these working memos, and then reads how the lawyers wondered if Marina Oswald was more than just a simple peasant girl. The comments reveal that Marina had refused to identify her supervisors in Minsk. Another comment mentions the fact that Marina could have been used to “recruit” Lee Oswald while he was “assigned” to Minsk.

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