History of America’s One Percent – Episode #22

hogaf-logo-wip2In this podcast series we dive into the long and shadowy history of America’s ruling elite through the works of authors who were either silenced, suppressed, or forgotten, to discover the origins of the 1% and from where their power and wealth was, and still is, extracted.

Each recording will be approx. 1 hour in length to allow for easy consumption of the material.  The narrator will only interrupt the reading to provide insight, spell names, read informative footnotes, or provide definitions for archaic words.

In this episode – Continued reading of History of Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers.  Includes Part III, Chapter III:  The Beginnings of the Vanderbilt Fortune, continued.  Vanderbilt the Foremost Pirate and Blackmailer of His Day.  His Exploitation of the Government’s Steamship Mail Subsidies.  Millions Made From Corrupting Postal Officials.  Government Funds Pay For Building of Entire Commercial Fleets.  E. K. Collins & Co. Line’s Enormous $1 Million Per Year Subsidies.  Postal System $5,000,000 In Debt By 1858.  Vanderbilt & Collins in Congressional Bribing War.  Indications That Their Competition Was a Facade.  Allegations Surface On Secret Agreement Over California Mail Subsidies.  Vanderbilt’s Huge Pay-Off: $56,000 Per Month of Tax-Payer Money, to Not Compete In California.  Congressional Testimony Blows The Lid Off Vanderbilt’s Blackmail Scam During the Covode Committee.  Vanderbilt Never Arrested or Charged.  He Retires From the Steamship Business in the 1860’s; His Millions In Blackmail Funds Intact.

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