Dialogue: Assassination #9 (1971-08-25)

Mae Brussell Archive Show Notes

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Dialogue: Assassination #9 (1971-08-25) Show Notes

Main Subject(s): JFK assassination, Warren Commission.

– Mae discusses why she does her research.

– Discussion of the recently declassified (at the time) minutes of the Warren Commission Executive Sessions. Mae touches on discussions between some Warren Commission members (she mentions Allen Dulles and John J. McCloy) on how much of their findings to publish and how much to suppress. How Dulles insisted all the testimony be published so there would be no accusations of coverup and how he didn’t think that “…anybody would pay any attention to it to begin with.” How the commission tried to dismiss evidence presented by Thomas Buchanan, Mark Lane and others, by having the Associated Press and United Press International investigate their claims.

– Mae mentions Commission member John Sherman Cooper in relation to his remarks on April 30, 1964, about the commissions investigation being weak in regards to Lee Harvey Oswald’s travel between to and from theĀ Soviet Union (USSR), and his connection to George de Mohrenschildt. How the commission then went off-the-record to discuss something regarding de Mohrenschildt and his testimony.

– Mae relates how only 4 witnesses out of 552 gave testimony with a commission member present, violating their own rules. She then states that de Mohrenschildt was the most important witness to the whole commission. She explains that when de Mohrenschildt gave his testimony, only two people were present: Albert Jenner, senior counsel for the commission, and Alfred Goldberg, a Pentagon historian.

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