Dialogue: Assassination #8 (1971-08-18)

Mae Brussell Archive Show Notes

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Dialogue: Assassination #8 (1971-08-18) Show Notes

Main Subject(s): JFK assassination.

Updated 4/23/2015 - Included link to Jack Anderson article in show notes.

– Mae talks about the positive response the show is receiving, her background, and how the Government is dismissing assassination researchers.

– Mae takes on Jack Anderson’s article, “Assassination Balderdash” from 1971-07-27 (read it here), which dismissed criticism by Don Riley of the Warren Report. She challenges him to meet with her and disprove her research into the JFK assassination.

– Mae then gives a brief outline of who she thinks played a role in the JFK conspiracy and names the following individuals and groups involved and how they connect to one another: J. Edgar Hoover, Allen Dulles, Richard Helms, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Texas Oilmen, Lee and Marina Oswald, General Edwin Walker, Bernard Weissman, and the “Munich Gang.”

– Mae breaks apart the “Munich Gang” and relates how Bernard Weissman, who put out the famous “Welcome Mister Kennedy to Dallas” newspaper ad on Nov. 22, 1963, along with Larry Schmidt, William Burly and others all served together as Military Counter-Intelligence Analysts in Munich, Germany, in 1962. Mae shows how Weissman committed perjury during the Warren Commission hearings in regards to his associations to a Ken Glazebrook.

– Mae talks about the “Wanted For Treason” handbill that was circulated all over Dallas a few days before the assassination of JFK. How the Johnson Printing Co. who printed the handbill connected to General Edwin Walker.  How an employee of General Walker, Howard Duff, saw Jack Ruby at Walker’s home on two occasions, but never testified to the Warren Commission.

– Speaking of testimony, Mae talks about how commission members Gerald Ford and Earl Warren left the room when Weissman testified about a plot to overthrow the US Government by 1969. How the person who printed the “Wanted for Treason” handbill who was partners with General Walker was the only person to use the 5th Amendment in their Warren Commission testimony.

-There is a mention of researcher Joachim Joesten.

– Mae talks about an interview on the BBC program 24 Hours with L. Fletcher Prouty on the topic of the Pentagon Papers, where Prouty suggested that the CIA was involved in the JFK assassination.

– Mae gives a quick background on John N. Mitchell, his links to Richard Nixon, and reads from “Forgive My Grief Vol. 3” regarding Nixon being in Dallas around the time of JFK’s assassination.