Dialogue: Assassination #11 (1971-09-09)

Mae Brussell Archive Show Notes

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Dialogue: Assassination #11 (1971-09-09) Show Notes

Main Subject(s): RFK assassination

Updated 05/07/15: Added link to LATimes article.

– Mae opens with an offer to give Congressman Paul McCloskey the facts on the nations political assassinations, since he is running on a campaign of “truth in government.”  She reiterates her challenge to Jack Anderson to compare her facts on the John F. Kennedy (JFK) assassination against his team of investigators.  Mae touches on recent events including the support of Spiro Agnew for Vice President by the Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) group in Houston.  She talks about how this group was infiltrated and taken over by the “Munich Gang,” with the help of rich Texas business and oilmen.  She links the people backing Agnew as those who took part in the “Colonel’s Coup” in 1967, which overthrew the government of Greece, through the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) backed Pappas Foundation (some reading on the subject here).

– Mae adds a few more books to her reading list: “Inquest” by Edward Jay Epstein, and “A Search For Justice” by James Squires, Frank Ritter, and John Hemphill.

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