Dialogue: Assassination #12 (1971-09-16)

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Dialogue: Assassination #12 (1971-09-16) Show Notes

Main Subject(s): JFK Assassination, Attica Prison riots, Warren Commission

Updated 5/31/15: Added more info on the Attica Prison Riot.

– Mae talks about a United Press International (UPI) wire report from Sept. 14, 1971, about the hostages in the Attica Prison Riot who were killed (read story here). How originally they were reported to have had their throats slit by convicts during the fighting, but how 24 hours later, the medical examiners report stated that 8 out of 10 hostages died from gunshot wounds by police (read special investigation report on the Attica Massacre here).

– Mae talks about an article in Computers and Automation Journal, from Sept. 1970, titled “PATTERNS OF POLITICAL ASSASSINATION: How Many Coincidences Make a Plot?” (read here).  She relates the political assassinations taking place in America to the 400 murders which took place in Germany after the end of World War I, which paved the way for Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.  How the German courts were used to cover up the killings.  How Mae believes that the German industrial cartels and Nazi leaders who did not want to co-exist with the Soviet Union (USSR), infested the U. S. State Department and Pentagon after the Third Reich’s fall.  How these groups are directly linked to the assassinations of John F. Kennedy (JFK), Robert F. Kennedy (RFK), and other political leaders.

– Mae returns to the Attica Prison Riot.  She notes how the prisoners were asking for certain prison conditions to be improved.  How 700 state troopers, 600 National Guard troops, helicopters, and sheriffs deputies from 14 surrounding counties all responded to the riots. How the sheriffs deputies came in their own vehicles, armed to the teeth with hunting rifles, pistols, military carbines, and shotguns, and how they were given riot helmets and other equipment. How up until the time that these troops went into the prison, the hostages had not been harmed.

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Triumphant Plutocracy – Episode #7


An insiders view on how bankers, corporations, and lawyers took over the United States Government and became the “Rulers of America” during the Gilded Age.  Written with true authority by a man who had a front row seat for it all, R. F. Pettigrew was the first senator from the state of South Dakota, and he made no friends during his time in the US Congress. These are his memoirs.

In this episode – Continued reading of Triumphant Plutocracy by Richard Franklin Pettigrew,  including Chapter VIII: Labor.  Congress Composed of Lawyers Whose Only Interest Was Their Clients. Pettigrew: Only One Bill In The Interest of Labor Became Law in Twelve Years.  The Battle To Pass Legislation Requiring Railroads to Report Industrial Accidents.  A Senator Turns to Pettigrew As a Last Resort.  Not Afraid to Make Enemies.  The Congressional Merry-Go-Round.  Fighting Amendments and Committees.  The Bill Finally Passed.  The Bill Gets “Lost” and Therefore Can’t Be Signed Into Law.  The Underhanded Nature of Government.  The True Nature of the AFL and It’s Leaders.  Samuel Gompers. The AFL Is a Trust.  The Status Quo Methodology: Buy Out Opposition or Destroy It.  The AFL Compromised at Birth by Special Interests.  Breaking Strikes By Force.  The Use of Agent Provocateurs.

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