HoGAF Book Review from 1910

In the latest episode (#16) of The History of America’s One Percent podcast, I quoted from a book review of Gus Myers’ History of Great American Fortunes that I had stumbled across in The American Historical Review, Vol. 15, No. 4 from July of 1910.  The review is, as expected, quite disparaging of Myers’ work, calling it “…gossipy,  abusive, one-sided, and discursive, and for purposes of sound scholarship the whole might easily be compressed into one-third its present bulk.”  Of course they have to call him mean and gossipy because name-calling is the last resort of somebody who cannot challenge the facts. It’s almost hilarious to see the reviewer bend over backwards in the very next sentence, to admit that Myers’ facts are indisputable, and his contributions to historical knowledge great…

Anyways read for yourself or check out Episode #16 of the podcast for a more extensive breakdown of the book review.

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