Dialogue: Assassination #5 (1971-07-28)

Mae Brussell Archive Show Notes

Audio for this broadcast available here.

Part of an effort to provide a searchable database of Mae Brussell’s life work. More info on Mae can be found here.

Dialogue: Assassination #5 (1971-07-28) Show Notes

Main Subject(s): Multiple.

Updated 4/29/15: Fixed incorrect spelling of name.

– Update on Jim Garrison and his further harassment and discrediting, including a Black Panther’s prison riot in New Orleans which demanded Garrison be removed from his job.

– Mae discusses Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick Incident, as well as her opinion that it was a frame-job to keep Kennedy from running for office.

– Update on DeWayne Wolfer lawsuit involving LAPD and allegations of evidence tampering in RFK assassination.

– Mae touches on examples where evidence was destroyed in the JFK, RFK, and Huey Newton cases.

– Discussion of the Nation Magazine Article “Assassination Investigations: The Irregulars Take the Field” and Bernard Fensterwald and his Committee to Investigate Assassinations.

– Mae discusses her research and filing system.

– Information about an article in Computers and Automation Magazine, July 1971, titled “Central Intelligence Agency and the New York Times” (page 51, read here).  She relates information connecting John Leonard at the New York Times, suppression of the JFK coverup, a report about the CIA setting up a shadow government titled “Otto Otepka: Victim of the New Team” being exposed in the Government Employees Exchange, the Pentagon Papers, and the Eastern Establishment vs. the Southwest Sector.

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