Dialogue: Assassination #4 (1971-07-21)

Mae Brussell Archive Show Notes

Audio for this broadcast available here.

Part of an effort to provide a searchable database of Mae Brussell’s life work. More info on Mae can be found here.

Dialogue: Assassination #4 (1971-07-21) Show Notes

Main Subject(s): Multiple.

– Mae talks about political blackmail against the United States using the secrets surrounding its political assassinations.

– Updates on James Earl Ray being removed from solitary confinement and the parallels to the Soledad Brothers case.

– Talk about the mishandling of evidence in the RFK assassination and lack of coverage by Time Magazine.

– Updates on Jim Garrison being arrested for accepting bribes, and talk about attempts by the Government to harass and discredit researchers who don’t follow the mainstream narrative.

– Mention of the King Alfred Plan.

– Update on Ted Kennedy and the Chappaquiddick Incident.

– Mae touches on the Charles Manson case and Tex Watson.

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