Triumphant Plutocracy – Episode #1


An insiders view on how bankers, corporations, and lawyers took over the United States Government and became the “Rulers of America” during the Gilded Age.  Written with true authority by a man who had a front row seat for it all, R. F. Pettigrew was the first senator from the state of South Dakota, and he made no friends during his time in the US Congress. These are his memoirs.

In this episode – An Introduction to R. F. Pettigrew and his book Triumphant Plutocracy.  The Foreward.  Includes Chapter I: Land Grabbing.  Pettigrew’s First Battle With The Owners Of America.  Land Grant Railroads Sprawled Out Over Country.  Forest Reservations Proposed To Save Remaining Land.  Bureaucrats Draw Up Reservations.  Reservations Embrace Railroad Land By “Accident”.  Pettigrew’s Amendment To Allow Homesteaders To Trade In Their Land.  Corrupt Congressmen Re-Word His Bill.  Railroads Trade Their Unusable Land For Governments Best Land.  Battle On The Senate Floor.  Railroad Interests Prove Too Powerful.

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