History of America’s One Percent – Episode #6

hogaf-logo-wip2In this podcast series we dive into the long and shadowy history of America’s ruling elite through the works of authors who were either silenced, suppressed, or forgotten, and discover the origins of the American 1% and from where their power and wealth was, and still is, extracted.

Each recording will be approx. 1 hour in length to allow for easy consumption of the material.  The narrator will only interrupt the reading to provide insight, spell names, read informative footnotes, or provide definitions for archaic words.

 In this episode – Continued reading of History of Great American Fortunes by Gustavus Myers. Includes Part II, Chapter I:  The Origin of Huge City Estates.  Feudal Lords in 1846.  Aristocracy Founded in City Land.  City Land Impervious to Changing Economic Conditions.  Huge Expansion of Urban Populations.  New York Becomes the Center of Trade.  Astor Richer Than Many Millions of People Combined.  Cheating on Property Taxes.

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[1] In 1847 and 1849 the Anti-Renters demonstrated a voting strength in New York State of about 5,000. Livingston’s title to his estate being called into question, a suit was brought. The court decision favored him. The Livingstons, it may be again remarked, were long powerful in politics, and had had their members on the bench. — “Life of Silas Wright,” 179-226; “Last Leaves of American History”: 16-18, etc.

[2] The debates in this convention showed that the feudal conditions described in this chapter prevailed down to 1846. — New York Constitution; Debates in Convention, 1846; 1052-1056. This is an extract from the official convention report : “Mr. Jordan [a delegate] said that it was from such things that relief was asked: which although the moral sense of the community will not admit to be enforced, are still actually in existence.”

[3] Of a total of $39,544,333,000, representing wealth in real estate and improvements, the census of 1890 attributed $13,905,274,364 to the North Atlantic Division and a trifle more than $15,000,000,000 to the North Central Division.

[4] The Forum (Magazine), November, 1889.

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